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Sherry was born-again at the age of 10 and spent many years in independent Pentecostal churches and the Church of God. Although she remembers feeling a call to ministry through the Word as early as the age of 12, she began first in the ministry of music, writing songs and traveling with her family, ministering through songs from the age of 13 to her mid-twenties.  She began to step out more when she became a member of Miracle Deliverance Center, under the powerful mentorship of her Pastor, Sis. Rita Neal, and she began ministry in worship and teaching.  Sherry met her wonderful companion, Tina, in the spring of 2004.  They have been happily married since December of 2004 and have 9 children, and a beautiful daughter-in-law.  Under a calling from the Holy Spirit, Sherry and Tina began holding bible study in their home in 2004 for the outcast.  In July of 2005 they started a church in the Princeton area with an outreach to ALL people.  In early Spring 0f 2014, Sherry and Tina took a sabbatical from ministry.  In July of 2015, at the Immersed conference in Atlanta, GA, both Tina and Sherry felt a call to partner with Covenant Network and launch as New Covenant Church in Princeton (NCCP), WV in September of 2015.  Their vision is for NCCP to be a place where the Spirit of God is being poured out on ALL people (Acts 2:17), a place that serves as a Jordan river, a river of grace, in the desert community, where ANYONE and EVERYONE can come be born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, transformed, equipped, and released into discipleship and into their ministries and callings!